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Announcement - Service Interruption (06 - Dec - 2022)

Some transactions are not showing up in administrator pages and receipts not being received by donors

We are aware of a backlog in our transaction queues that has delayed the updating of transactions on the Kambeo platform once a transaction is confirmed by our payment processor(s).  

The details

  • From the period of Dec. 2nd 2022 to Dec. 6th 2022, users may have made donations or purchased items such as tickets, sponsorships or auction items.  They would have experienced a delay in receiving their transaction receipts and tax receipts (if the charity had them enabled).
  • Administrators of the Cause Pages (charities) would have seen the same delay in those transactions showing up in reports and admin screens.


Our team worked quickly to identify the backlog and implement changes to clear the backlog and avoid additional backlogs from happening in the future.

All receipts emails, transaction confirmation and admin notification emails should now be sent. 

All data is now available in your admin reports and screens.