How to Connect a Bank Account to your Kambeo page using Stripe

Kambeo uses Stripe to process payments and deposit them into your bank account.

Watch this video to learn how to connect a bank account to your Kambeo group page so that your organization can start to process payments. 


How to connect a bank account - Kambeo

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an industry-leading payment processing system trusted by millions of businesses and nonprofits across hundreds of countries.

Kambeo uses Stripe to process all payments made through the platform. All organizations on Kambeo must have a fully authorized and connected Stripe account to accept payments such as donations, and store item sales. 

Stripe provides a discount for nonprofit organizations. You can apply for this discount by contacting Stripe directly with your charity registration number and a request for the discount to or visit this support page. Once your nonprofit status has been confirmed by Stripe, payments made to your organization using Kambeo solutions will be processed at Stripe’s nonprofit rate.