Update 3.0.0

Product Release

Here is what we did in version 3.0.0

Release Overview

Impact Enhancements

Other Functional Enhancements

Other Issues Resolved

Caveats / Known Issues


Release Overview



Impact Enhancements

New User Onboarding Flows

A completely redesigned start page that makes it easier for all users to get started on Kambeo. The new user onboarding flows take users through easy-to-use wizards to achieve their tasks. At the end of each of the new onboarding flows, users are ready to go without having to learn the entire platform first.


Auction Enhancements

One of Kambeo’s most used features in Q4 of 2019 was the online auction component that allows organizations to run virtual auctions as part of their events.


We received feedback and have incorporated a number of updates including:

  • Mobile details screen so users can see more information including images and item descriptions before making a bid
  • Payment information can now be required before the user makes a bid, this setting can be set on your Group management page.
  • Admins can now see more contact information on the Leaderboard after the auction is complete to help in contacting winners.
  • Admins can now manually resend the winners' payment emails directly from the platform

Changeable Handles

Users can now edit the handles / URLs for their profile page, event pages and group pages. Simply go to the manage button on the page you would like to change the handle for.


*Note that links may be broken if you change your handle after sharing the URL to others. You will need to reshare your links after you have made any changes to the handle.

User Account Stats Component

As we begin our rollout of more user engagement and social media features, we have introduced a new component on the User Profile that allows users to show others the impact they have made. Hide and show metrics such as volunteer hours completed, number of donations made and more.


Fundraise on Behalf Of

You can now allow others in the community to run fundraisers on behalf of your organization. Simply go to the Manage - Settings screen for your Group and turn on the feature. When users click Run an Event or Fundraiser from the start page, they will now be able to select your Group as the beneficiary of the event.



Other Functional Enhancements

  • Tab navigation update
  • Auction item - donations
  • Implement floating style for events & gigs
  • streamliner widgets
  • (Design) progress bar
  • Add payment methods to user accounts
  • Add route to get all groups for a given user based on a given permission
  • Add search for groups with active and monetized campaigns (include information about active campaign)
  • Save changes - roles
  • Email - donation as a % or amount of auction or store item
  • Pledge updates
  • Allow search routes to be sorted by created date (group, event, gig)
  • Store item dependencies
  • Add classification and sub classification fields to group model
  • Add classification and sub classification lists to backend
  • Add "This receipt replaces receipt(s):" in bold before the list of replaced receipts
  • Add disclaimer to registration page
  • Mobile search page - no keyword search field
  • User account design updates
  • allow handles to be changed for groups, events, gigs, and user accounts
  • User Accounts Stats Component (FE)
  • User Accounts Stats Component (BE)
  • Accepting donation flow testing
  • Create a store flow
  • I want to volunteer flow
  • Create an auction
  • I want to accept donations flow
  • Create store & auction flow testing
  • Find events or fundraisers flow
  • Connect Twitch Account to Kambeo Account
  • Group type questions for flows
  • Changes for handles
  • Connections tab (account settings)
  • Localization of Groups (FE & BE)
  • Front-end changes for handles
  • User profile page. Broken CSS and some functionalities
  • Group /¬† Event setting for auctions that forces users to enter payment info before bidding
  • Store /¬†  Auction items per event refactor (BE)
  • Event templates for flows
  • Post a volunteer gig
  • Create event or fundraiser flow
  • Store /¬† Auction Items per event refactor (FE)
  • Add "I want to" menu to header
  • Development process changes
  • Remove birthdate from registration screen
  • Donation component value is incorrect
  • Mobile view for auction details
  • Fundraise on behalf of
  • Component place holder design /¬† Text
  • Add primary payment method to user account
  • Implement event permissions
  • Mobile bottom menu
  • Event admin modules should be checking specific event permissions
  • Update modal views with new styling
  • Hude Donate Button - greyed out on event
  • Text change - Campaigns

Other Issues Resolved

  • The volunteer's shifts do not match the schedule
  • Number of Donations - Counting Refund
  • Two 'Add discount' buttons on Discount Codes page
  • Edit profile doesn't bring changes from DB
  • Fundraising Team Profile Image not displayed
  • Form Modal - Doesn't scroll (cuts off questions)
  • Auction Item - Donation Percentage - Wrong value in transactions
  • Store component - manage - items not appearing
  • Modal Style Fix - Mobile ONLY
  • Community Impact - Incorrect Member Stat
  • Community Impact - Dates Not Matching
  • Community Impact - Default Dates
  • If a user is already a volunteer for the group, they cannot apply to new gigs
  • Location Component - Not logged in or non admin
  • Notification Text
  • Active /¬†active event error
  • Delete Event Error
  • Enable Donations - Refresh
  • When an event or gig is made inactive you can still click on the Volunteer, Fundraise, Tickets and Donate buttons.
  • Create Shift error
  • Volunteer button - no group application form
  • Uploading Media to Gig, Modal doesn't close
  • Gig Link Bug - New Tab URL wrong
  • New Transaction Email - Store Item - Donation Amount
  • Fix remaining Handle usages
  • Peer to Peer Flow - error
  • Create Location
  • Auction Purchaser Name - Use FN and LN
  • Load more doesn't work in the donation component
  • Main Page scrollbar is visible in Modal
  • Donate (credit card payments) Error - App crashes
  • Donation option should be re-checked when switching between monetized and non monetized campaigns
  • View Application - Error screen
  • Text too close to edge
  • Change buttons on Group page to match Event page
  • Add store purchase - items not shown
  • Approve volunteer - schedule tab
  • Group Volunteer - Not showing on schedule
  • Ability to export the donor list
  • Ability to export the contact list
  • CSS. View application modal. Broken style
  • Create Event Modal - No Scroll
  • Place bid (create account) broken with new setup flow
  • Place bid - phone number requirement
  • Shift Create Bug
  • Get 404 when setting Member role to 'None' in Group Administration
  • Auction Pay now account page
  • Group Applications not showing up management page
  • Role Update - Does not save the first time
  • Create Auction Item - Date and time bugs
  • Auction end date does not save
  • Group Event List Component "Manage" Bugs
  • Verify Email - Error
  • Event Gig Application Flow - Not Working
  • Modal <body> scroll bar toggle
  • Auction Buy Now Broken
  • Hours Complete - N/A
  • Verify Volunteer Hours - Shifts
  • current gig dropdown - schedule
  • Group and event page - design mobile
  • Auction items pop up - mobile
  • Scroll - mobile
  • Gig Description - Error
  • Create Gig - No Groups
  • Apply changes modal - close
  • Recurring donation
  • Gig Application Dropdown Cut off
  • Switching to a non-monetized campaign
  • Campaign - Tax Receipt Number
  • Switching from one user profile to another causes Page Component data to not load correctly
  • Store Item - Discount Code Greater than price of item
  • Discount codes cause issues when donation amount applied
  • Volunteer gig image - event page
  • Recurring Donation
  • Auction Item Details Modal (Mobile only) - Clicking anywhere on Modal causes REST call
  • Button placement in Event Management -> Discount codes is off
  • volunteer profile - location missing
  • Media component not logged in
  • Tax receipt looks weird in Google Gmail interface
  • Event and Volunteer Component images cut off on both Group and Event pages
  • Safari Text Edit Does Not Work
  • Text Edit - Ticket Modal
  • Send Tax Receipt Error
  • Button Manage stays at user profile even if user logged out
  • Missing application forms when creating GIG
  • Scrolling issue with auction component
  • Scroll of event - New Sidebar

Caveats / Known Issues

  • A new auction bid screen will be coming in the next release to better support the mandatory payment option.